PanorArbor - Arbor-Aerial Photography

Having climbed hundreds of trees in and around Seattle, it is always amazing how many interesting and unique views there are from the urban forest canopy. Even in neighbourhoods where properties with views are not common, if there is a decently sized tree in the yard, then the chances are high that there will be a panoramic 'Panorarbor' from that tree. Panorarbor photography is the art of taking photographs from the tops of trees where there amazing panoramic views of the landscape and environment beyond. In essence, it is 'arbor-aerial photography'. 

Your house from a different perspective.

Your house from a different perspective.

Property Panorarbor

Depending on the type and location of a tree, it may be possible to provide a completely new perspective of your property. 

This was snapped from the upper canopy of a relatively small Douglas-fir tree that stands within twenty feet of the house. Its location gave the chance of close up shots of the house as if looking down on it like a squirrel would as it plays and rests in the tree.

In some cases, shots like this and of the wider location of a house on a property, may be useful in helping sell a property if you are putting it on the market.

Your neighbourhood's trees and houses.

Your neighbourhood's trees and houses.

Neighbourhood Panorarbor

From the same Douglas-fir, this shot provides a view of the neighbourhood and other properties that are similar.

Unlike drone photography which is restricted in how close they can be to tree branches, the natural framing of colourful foliage can really increase the artistic interest of the view.

Panorarbor photography is versatile and varied as once you are in the tree, you can look in all directions and see so much of the neighbourhood that most people never even imagine exists.

The amazing landscape of the Pacific Northwest.

The amazing landscape of the Pacific Northwest.

Landscape Panorarbor

With good preparation, access can be relatively easy into a tree's canopy and allows the capturing of stunning landscape images when the light is at its best.

From the same tree, this shot was taken just before the sun rose over the North Cascades.

A few moments later the sun's rays started to glow against the glaciers on Mt Rainier which was an inspiring sight and fully visible from this tree.